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== [[Documents]] ==
== [[Documents]] ==
* [[Documents/Java_Doc|Java Doc]]
* [[Documents/Java_Doc|Java Doc]]
* [[Documents/UML|UML]]
** [[Documents/UML/Class_Diagram|Class Diagram]]
** [[ Documents/UML/Database Schema Diagram|Database Schema Diagram]]
* [[Documents/Data_Model|Data Model]]
* [[Documents/Data_Model|Data Model]]
** [[Documents/Data_Model/ERD|ERD]]
** [[Documents/Data_Model/ERD|ERD]]
** [[Documents/Data_Model/ETS|ETS]]
** [[Documents/Data_Model/DFD|DFD]]
* [[Documents/System_Modules|System Modules]]
** [[Documents/System_Modules/Check-in_Module|Check-in Module]]
** [[Documents/System_Modules/Retrieval_Module|Retrieval Module]]
** [[Documents/System_Modules/Phases_Manager_Module|Phases Manager Module]]
** [[Documents/System_Modules/Administration_Module|Administration Module]]
** [[Documents/System_Modules/Reporting_Module|Reporting Module]]
** [[Documents/System_Modules/Archiving_Module|Archiving Module]]
* [[Documents/System_Handlers|System Handlers]]
** [[Documents/System_Handlers/XML_Phases_Handler|XML Phases Handler]]
** [[Documents/System_Handlers/Files_and_FTP_Handler|Files and FTP Handler]]
** [[Documents/System_Handlers/Authentication_and_Authorization_Handler|Authentication and Authorization Handler]]
** [[Documents/System_Handlers/Database_Handler|Database Handler]]

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When an end user accesses images, PDF, audio, video, or any other multimedia document through the Internet, this means that the primary purpose of the entire digitization effort is met. From start to finish, digital multimedia documents production is a manufacturing and delivery process which should be likened to an assembly line. To date, the digitization process in many libraries has concentrated on the input (scanning) side, and fulfillment via the Internet and Content Management Software. What has not received sufficient attention is automating, tracking, and managing the entire workflow with particular emphasis on what happens between scanning and delivery.

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