Key Features

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  • DAF v2.0 is an all-in-one system that provides all the necessary tools required for administration, digitization operation, reporting and archiving.
  • User’s access level defines which functions are available for him/her,, up to the level of disabling a button.
  • The system is capable of defining different workflows for various types of objects: Images, books, slides, etc. Each workflow contains different phases (Scanning, OCR, PDF encoding, Backup, etc) than that of the others.
  • DAF v2.0 has flexible integration with any source of metadata such as ILS or a library digital document repository. This integration is possible through Check-in and Check-out plug-in modules that can be added at any time.
  • The ability to define pre-phase and post-phase checks and actions by simply editing an XML definition for a phase.
  • DAF v2.0 can be tailored to any environment. A developer can add code snippets to be executed pre-phase or post-phase to accomplish specific tasks.
  • DAF v2.0 supports both manual and automated operations. Different workflow operations can be invoked from the command line to enable batch processing.
  • The flexible workflow supports ingesting a job in the middle of the workflow. The administrator can also change the job's normal flow.
  • DAF v2.0 tracks the history of the job's life cycle. DAF v2.0 records time stamped actions applied to the job, including the user who performed the action and the workstation on which the action was performed.